Umpires in Chief:

Jay Nicholls

Bernie Gervais


Approved WMB Umpires

Level 1:

Owen Merrill

Malachi Peach

Hayden Palmateer

Dustin White

Cayden Doble

Nathan Lynch

Tyler Birtles

Level 2:

Charmayne Gervais

Cassidy Gervais

Kayden Nicholls


Umpire Rates

9U/11U - $30.00/game

13U/15U/18U - $40.00/game


Umpire Schedule

06-May-19 11U-2@11U-3 Owen Merrill Cayden Doble
07-May-19 9U-3@9U-4 Nathan Lynch  
08-May-19 11U-1@11U-2 Charmayne Gervais Hayden Palmateer
08-May-19 13/15U-2@13/15U-1 Kayden Nicholls Dustin White
09-May-19 9U-2@9U-4 Tyler Birtles  
09-May-19 9U-1@9U-3 Cassidy Gervais  
13-May-19 11U-3@11U-1 Kayden Nicholls Dustin White
14-May-19 9U-1@9U-2 Cassidy Gervais  
15-May-19 11U-2@11U-3 Cayden Doble Malachi Peach
15-May-19 13/15U-1@13/15U-2 Charmayne Gervais Owen Merrill
16-May-19 9U-2@9U-3 Nathan Lynch  
16-May-19 9U-4@9U-1 Hayden Palmateer  
20-May-19 11U-1@11U-2 Dustin White Cayden Doble
20-May-19 13/15U-1@13/15U-2 Kayden Nicholls Owen Merrill
21-May-19 9U-3@9U-4 Cassidy Gervais  
22-May-19 11U-3@11U-1 Hayden Palmateer Cayden Doble
22-May-19 13/15U-2@13/15U-1 Kayden Nicholls Charmayne Gervais
23-May-19 9U-1@9U-3 Malachi Peach  
23-May-19 9U-2@9U-4 Tyler Birtles  
27-May-19 11U-2@11U-3 Owen Merrill Cayden Doble
28-May-19 9U-1@9U-2 Nathan Lynch  
29-May-19 11U-1@11U-2 Charmayne Gervais Dustin White
29-May-19 13/15U-1@13/15U-2 Kayden Nicholls Hayden Palmateer
30-May-19 9U-2@9U-3 Cassidy Gervais  
30-May-19 9U-4@9U-1 Tyler Birtles  


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